A L A I N B A R A I G E P i a n i s t  c o m p o s e r

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> 2011
November: 7 videos recorded at Fazioli “Pianosphère”, Paris.
October: 2 new original pieces for “Handi’chiens”. Performed at the City Hall of Paris.
13 May: concert with Elsa Grether, violin and Ferenc Vizi, piano, Lyon.
19 February: concert with Elsa Grether, violin, Lyon.

> 2010
3 concerts with the association “De Animalis”.
Publishing music sheets booklet “The Crazy Adventures of Mister Putron”.
Composing Handi’chien’s hymn, interpreted by the children Choral “The Cicada of Lyon”.
Composing Handi’chien’s TV commercial, 200 broadcasts on various French channels.


Still more

Born on 21 January 1953 in Lyon, Alain Baraige begins playing the piano when 16, self-educated. He shifts from Rock to Blues, Jazz to Boogie-Woogie, then classical music: a truly atypical path. He then dedicates himself to his own music including influences from Yoga, massage and approaches of self-growth and spirituality.

When just 20, diverse music schools hire him as piano and sight reading teacher. Master Gyorgy Cziffra invites him at Senlis en 1978 and 1981 to a public audition at F. Liszt auditorium and recommends him to Suzy Bossard, 1st International Cziffra Prize and teacher at the “Conservatoire Supérieur de Lyon”.

Alain Baraige composes for both Theater and Cinema. He writes music for radio pieces, for the film “Les paysans de l’or noir” by G. Schmidt, themes and jingles for French TV channels FR3 and RFI. He participates to numerous radio and TV programs: “Studio 1” by Michel Drucker on Europe 1 and “Les visiteurs du jour” by Anne Sinclair on TF1.

In 1981, he participates to concerts organized by “Pianos Bechstein”, works with Joël Ceres De Thou, student of Pierre Sancan at the “Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris” and Roger Boutry, Rome Prize and conductor of the “Musique de la Garde Républicaine” in Paris.

Closely related to Suzuki School during 10 years, Alain Baraige designs and implements his personal piano teaching method.

In 1981, he publishes his first record “Water, Sky and Light”. He gives concerts in France within the Fnac Tour, then abroad at the “Musical May” in Firenze in 1993, invited by The “Musical Youth”.

The record is a smashing success aired by more than 270 US broadcasting channels. Again with Fnac in 1997, after his second album “Childish things”, he tours Romania, NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Johannesburg and Firenze.

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