A L A I N B A R A I G E P i a n i s t  c o m p o s e r

Why a method ?
This method is actually a different state of mind if compared to that usually practiced in Instruction, an approach based on the harmonious growth of the pupil's potential as well As of his concentration, of his memorization skills and of his sensitivity.
This method takes into account the recent scientific discoveries concerning foetal life, Early childhood and the human brain, and new musical pedagogy (the Suzuki, Orff, Martenot And Willems methods) and techniques and disciplines which I have had the opportunity to Learn in recent years (correct touching, massage, autohypnosis, yoga) so that the objective of playing the instrument, loving music and enjoying playing be a way to fulfilment for the pupil.

All these techniques emphasize the following points :
I - We learn constantly, but we classify informations by function of the interest it stimulates Whether it be on an intellectual or emotional level, or for our senses. We can retain information after having only received it one single time (consider childhood memories).
II - All information is associated with the experienced and instantaneous states. From them, The growth of an atmosphere of love, trust, peace pleasure and encouragement on the part
The professor and the pupil's family circle.
III - The first reading (the first contact) serves as a reference in the brain. In case of doubt, It is this reference which is registered in the memory. Therefore, it is of utmost importance That this reference be perfect. From this, the growth of concentration on the one hand is Purely mental but also physical and sensorial.
IV - To transmit information to the automatic stage, a learning experience must find neurotransmitters which travel through the brain's labyrinth of neuron synapses. The more A path is used, the easier it is to travel, creating strong and clear mental images: the brain Programs, the body performs.
V - The assimilation of information at the 'right' instantaneous speed than enables an Effortless acceleration step by step successively in the concerned areas of the brain.

The method is composed of three steps which are spread over several years:

I    Learn to learn
II     Learn the technique
III  Learn the musical quality


Learning to learn
Learn the technique
Learn the musical
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