A L A I N B A R A I G E P i a n i s t  c o m p o s e r

[C o m p o s e r]

What is music ?
No doubt an acoustician, a theoretician, a musicologist could provide technical,
intellectual answers that certainly apply.
I am simply a human being who uses music for the purpose of “communion”, of
communication and resilience. So, my answer is quite different.
Sometimes it happens that when there is no distraction, the instrument or the
musician or some exterior circumstance will create the magic.
When that happens, all is “oneness”, harmony and we truly become what we are
creating…effortlessly, in unison.
A door opens onto another world. Time and space are suspended…everything is
perfectly clear and apparent. The music unites everything into one.
There is no need for discussion : there is only the music in the moment.
When it happens during a public performance, the audience knows it…and feels it.


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